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Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI) has as its mission to make profitable its corporate shareholdings and aiming all its activities towards achieving the public interest.

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Last year, the company guaranteed a total of 6,023 new transactions to Spanish farmers and stockbreeders, 59.6% more than in 2019

Un chico y una chica estudian en una mesa redonda.

They are aimed at young university students or those in professional training without work experience and the deadline for applications is March 9th

Fundación SEPI: Campus Los Peñascales

Fundación SEPI

Fundación SEPI promotes scholarship programs and training in companies.  Its scope of action includes training activities, studies and publications of a financial and business nature.

Transparency Law

Transparency Law

SEPI is committed with transparency, and it meets its obligations of providing access to public information and good governance, which are stipulated by Law 19/2013.