SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales

Fundación SEPI: Campus Los Peñascales

Fundación SEPI

The activities of Fundación SEPI are  focused on the educational field, specifically on training processes, both for universities and for managers. Equally, it promotes studies of an economic and corporate nature.

In 2014 it celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Fundación SEPI is governed by a Board of Trustees chaired by SEPI’s Chairwoman, and its General Manager is Mr. Ángel Díaz Chao.

Scholarship program

Fundación SEPI promotes and manages scholarship programs in companies, aimed at young students, as well as to newly graduated students. Their calls for scholarship applications fulfill two goals: to support companies in candidates’ selection, and facilitating young people their access to the job market.

Hall of Redidence (Colegio Mayor Universitario)

Colegio Mayor Universitario is attached to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and promotes its residents’ cultural and scientific training.

Campus Los Peñascales

Campus Los Peñascales offers to companies and institutions a unique place for organizing their training activities and meetings.  Located 26 kilometers from Madrid, the Campus has a surface of 73,000 m2 of natural spaces, and features spacious modern facilities.

Manager's training

Every year, the Fundación organizes corporate programs, as well as training programs aimed at looking after specific requirements from companies, with the goal of improving the training of their professionals.


The research activities carried out by Fundación SEPI span the Centro de Investigación en Economía Aplicada (Research Center on Applied Economics, or CIEA), the Encuesta sobre Estrategias Empresariales (Survey on Corporate Strategies or ESEE), and publications on economic and financial issues.