Grupo MERCASAFood distribution markets

MERCASA provides a public service to the whole food chain, and especially to the fresh food wholesale industry, but also with regard to the perishable food products. At the same time, it supports the retail market in all its different versions, refurbishing the municipally-owned markets and promoting new commercial developments.

Wholesale markets

The company manages, together with the respective town halls, the  red de Mercas, which includes 23 food units, large facilities for wholesale distribution, and logistical services all over Spain.

Retail markets

MERCASA is the domestic and international leader in the modernization and new opening of retail markets.  Its activity spans the design and the whole development of the projects, as well as the training of the managers and of the shopkeepers. 

New commercial developments 

MERCASA is promoting new types of proximity stores which make up the retail offer of fresh foods.

Technical aid, training, and international cooperation 

The company provides technical aid and training to those countries which undertake the modernization of their food distribution structures. 

It is also noteworthy its participation in institutional activities for food promotion and consumption research. It carries out this work in collaboration with the corresponding administrations, reinforcing its public service orientation.