SEPI Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales

Central Térmica La Pereda (HUNOSA)

Grupo HUNOSAEnergy and mining industries

Grupo HUNOSA is active in the energy and mining industries. Within the energy area, HUNOSA owns a thermal power station and operates such renewable energies as geothermal and biomass. Besides, it offers engineering consulting services and promotes and commercializes industrial estates.

With its head office in Asturias, Grupo HUNOSA is made up, besides HUNOSA, by two affiliated companies; Sadim Ingeniería provides information systems, mining engineering, mining and industrial safety services, as well as mining museography. For its part, Sadim Inversiones promotes alternative corporate projects to mining through participatory loans.

The Group possesses certificates issued by the Administration or by official entities guaranteeing the quality of its production, and it has a permanent commitment with the economic and environmental recovery of the areas in which it operates.