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Grupo CORREOSGlobal operator for solutions regarding the physical, electronic, and packaging communications

Established in 1716 as a public service, Grupo CORREOS is one of the main providers in Spain of physical and digital communications, and of packaging, being a referent in the industry for its size, territorial presence, human capital, and infrastructures. 

Furthermore, it is also the operator by law for providing the universal public service in all of Spain, under the efficiency, quality, and accessibility criteria, contributing to the sustainability of the postal communications for all the citizenship.

Grupo CORREOS is made up by CORREOS and the affiliated companies Correos Express, Correos Express Portugal and Correos Telecom, whose joint operation provides the most complete offer in the industry, leading the non-urgent transport section, and being a referent for the ecommerce sector. 

  • Correos Express carries out the express delivery of corporate and particulars packaging through a network of its own delegations all over Spain.
  • Correos Express Portugal, an affiliated company of Correos Express, offers express packaging services in the Portuguese market.
  • Correos Telecom is specialized in the building and commercialization of the surplus capacity of CORREOS’ telecommunication infrastructure. Besides, it provides technological support to the other companies of the Group, business activities linked to the telecommunications market, edge computing, as well as consultancy services, and technological training.

Since 2019, CORREOS has a shareholding in the Chinese companies KCG eCommerce Solutions and K Parcel, jointly with the Asian operators Kerry Logistics Network Limited and Global Freight Systems (GFS). These shared companies carry out the integral management of the packaging for export originated in China and Hong Kong, specially for the international flows resulting from electronic commerce. 

In 2023, CORREOS took over the activity of its affiliated company Nexea, which was focused on providing personalized services in documental management, for mass communications of its customers’ companies. 

Universal postal service

The goal of Law 43/2010 of December 30th is the regulation of the postal services, with the aim of guaranteeing the universal postal service to all citizens at an affordable price, fulfilling the postal communication needs in Spain, and securing the free competition within the industry. 

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