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Grupo CORREOSGlobal operator for solutions regarding the physical, electronic, and packaging communications

Set up in 1716 as a public service, Grupo CORREOS is a provider of physical, digital, and packaging communications. Furthermore, it is the company which has been appointed for providing the universal postal service in Spain.

Grupo CORREOS is made up by CORREOS and by three subsidiaries which together constitute the most comprehensive offer within the postal industry:

  • Correos Express: specialized in the express transport of documents and packaging. 
  • Nexea: customized solutions in documental management for large-scale communication by companies with their customers. 
  • Correos Telecom: engineering and management of technological services for Grupo CORREOS. 

The Council of Ministers authorized in 2001 the conversion of the corporate state-owned entity Correos y Telégrafos into a state-owned company, wholly owned by the State. 

Universal postal service 

The aim of Law 43/2010 of December 30th is regulating postal services with the goal of guaranteeing that all citizens can enjoy the universal postal service at an affordable price, covering the demands of postal communication in Spain and guaranteeing a scope of free competition in the industry.  

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