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Agencia EFE

Agencia EFECommunication

Agencia EFE is the first news agency in Spanish, with an 85-year history. 

It is a multimedia news company, with a worldwide network of journalists, in which around 2,000 professionals with 60 nationalities work from 180 cities in 110 countries for providing its products to customers on the five continents. 

EFE has three editing desks: in Madrid, Bogota, and Bangkok.

The news agency distributes almost three million news per year to more than 2,500 customers on different news supports: text, photography, audio, and video.

In Spain, EFE has delegations in the capitals of the 17 autonomous regions, in Ceuta, and in Melilla. Furthermore, it has a worldwide network of delegations and of correspondents’ offices in more than thirty countries.

EFE’s graphical archive is made up by 25 million images, which preserve the historic memory of the last century, of which 12 million are photos on photographic plates, negatives, and slides. 
The digitized images can be accessed through Internet.

Its text archive, EFEData constitutes the largest journalist information database, biographies, and documents in Spanish, which at the same time has texts in Portuguese, Arabic, English, and Catalonian.