Grupo TRAGSASupplying basic services for rural development and the Environment

Grupo TRAGSA provides comprehensive solutions to the Administration’s requirements on such issues as the Environment, rural development and the management of natural resources, and especially in urgent situations and in emergencies.

The Group is made up by the parent company TRAGSA, which is engaged in carrying out works and services aimed at rural development, environmental preservation, and emergency activities; by its subsidiary TRAGSATEC, which was incorporated in 1989 for implementing consulting and engineering projects; and by CYTASA, incorporated in Paraguay. A subsidiary was incorporated in Brazil in 2013.

Grupo TRAGSA has been working for around four decades for the Administration. As a result of this work, the Group is at the vanguard in the different fields on which it operates, from the provision of farming, forestry, stockbreeding, and rural development services, to environmental preservation and protection.

Its extensive presence in Spain, through delegations in each province of all the 17 Spanish autonomous regions allows it to answer, in a fast and efficient manner, to any urgent requirement from the Central, regional, or local administration.​

Its activity on the domestic market, which provides most of its turnover, has focused mostly during the last few years on environmental activities, rural infrastructures, information technologies and irrigation, water management and technology, and agri-business facilities and rural development.