Grupo HUNOSACoal mining and operation of a thermal power plant

Its main activity is the mining and commercialization of coal, as well as operating a thermal power plant. Furthermore, Grupo HUNOSA is present in the business of renewable energies, such as geothermal and biomass, and it takes part in international research projects on modern technologies for CO2 capture and storage and joint combustion.

Grupo HUNOSA is made up, together with the parent company Hulleras del Norte, by the Sociedad Asturiana de Diversificación Minera (SADIM), by the Brigada Central de Salvamento. Equally, HUNOSA is the owner of 50% of the Sociedad para el Desarrollo de las Comarcas Mineras (SODECO) and of 25% f the company Tunnel Safety Testing (TST).

The Group possesses certificates issued by the Administration or by official entities guaranteeing the quality of its production, and it has a permanent commitment with the economic and environmental recovery of the areas in which it operates.