Corporación RTVE

Corporacion RTVEManagement of the public service provided by the radio and television owned by the State

Corporación RTVE is the largest Spanish audiovisual group, and its corporate mission is to provide and guarantee the public service of the radio and television owned by the State; it carries out this function through Televisión Española (TVE) and Radio Nacional de España (RNE).

Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española, S.A. traces back its origins to Law 17/2006, on June 5th, regarding the state-owned radio and television. It is a state-owned mercantile enterprise, incorporated as a limited company, whose stockholders’ equity wholly owned by the State, and which operates independently from the Government and from the State Administration.

Law 8/2009, on August 28th, regarding the financing of Corporación RTVE, set up a new financing system, which is mostly based on state funds.