In keeping with provision 14th of the Royal Law Decree 5/1995, on June 16th, the managing bodies of Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales are the Chairman and the Board of Directors.

  • SEPI's chairman also chairs the Board of Directors. His appointment is made by the Government through a Royal Decree, at the proposal of the Secretary of Finance.
  • SEPI's Board of Directors is made up, besides by its Chairman, by the Vice President of this state-owned enterprise, who occupies the same post in the Board, by the Secretary of the Board and by the Members, who represent the Ministries of Defense; Finance; Ecological Transition; Economics and Enterprise; Public Works; Work, Migrations and Social Security; Industry, Trade and Tourism; Agriculture, Fishing and Food and Presidency.
  • SEPI's Management Board is an executive body, on which the Board of Directors delegates certain activities which are included in the 'Norms Regulating the Relationships between SEPI and its Enterprises'. The Chairman of the state-owned enterprise appoints the Members of the Management Board and informs the Board of Directors about those appointments.


Mr. Vicente Fernández Guerrero

Mr. Bartolomé Lora Toro


Mr. Ángel Olivares Ramírez - Deputy Secretary of Defense. Ministry of Defense

Ms. Inés María Bardón Rafael - Deputy Secretary of Finance. Ministry of Finance

Mr. José Domínguez Abascal - Deputy Secretary for Energy. Ministry for the Ecological Transition 

Ms. Ana de la Cueva Fernández - Deputy Secretary for Economics and Enterprise Support. Ministry of Economics and Enterprise 

Ms. María Pilar Paneque Sosa - Undersecretary of Finance. Ministry of Finance 

Mr. Jesús Manuel Gómez García - Undersecretary for Public Works. Ministry of Public Works 

Mr. Raúl Riesco Roche - Undersecretary for Work, Migrations and Social Security. Ministry of Work, Migrations and Social Security 

Mr. Raúl Blanco Díaz - Secretary-General of Industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism 

Ms. María Dolores Ocaña Madrid - Undersecretary for Agriculture, Fishing and Food. Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing and Food 

Mr. Antonio José Hidalgo López - Undersecretary of the Presidency, Relations with the Parliament and Gender Equality. Ministry of the Presidency

Ms. María Isabel Valldecabres Ortiz - Chief of Staff of the Vice President of the Government and of the Secretary of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Gender Equality. Ministry of the Presidency

Ms. Amparo López Senovilla - Undersecretary for Economics and Enterprise. Ministry of Economics and Enterprise 

Mr. Juan Antonio Martínez Menéndez - Director-General of Patrimonio del Estado. Ministry of Finance

Mr. Carlos Moreno Medina - Chief of Staff of the Secretary of Finance. Ministry of Finance 


Ms. Mª de la Concepción Ordiz Fuertes