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Research and development are key factors for consolidating and raising the companies’ competitiveness level

Promoting R&D

Research and development are key factors for consolidating and raising the companies’ competitiveness level.

Grupo SEPI promotes innovative projects aimed at developing new products and services, with the goal of improving the competitiveness position of its companies and winning access to new markets.

SEPI focus its management in this field to the authorization of the actions of its companies, advising them against bodies and institutions, and the assessment of environmental situations. SEPI finances projects through a fund for promoting research.

How to progress through innovation 

Fundación SEPI organized a monographic symposium on innovation on January 22nd, at the Campus Los Peñascales, which were opened by the minister for Finance and Civil Service, Mr. Cristóbal Montoro. 

The symposium on innovation featured the speech given by Ms. Cristina Garmendia, President of Fundación COTEC and Trustee of Fundación SEPI, with a speech titled “Innovation for a more humane future". There was also a colloquium about “The digital challenge: the corporate sight” which was anchored by the Chairman of the news agency Agencia EFE, Mr. José Antonio Vera, and in which took part the Chairmen of the technological company Indra, Mr. Fernando Abril-Martorell, that from the utility company Red Eléctrica de España, Mr. José Folgado, and the Chairman of the shipbuilder NAVANTIA, Mr. Esteban García Vilasánchez.

During her speech at the closing of the symposium “How to progress through innovation”, Ms. Platero stated that the holding wants to play a very active role in the transformation process through innovation, bringing to bear that last year, Grupo SEPI earmarked 125 M€ to R&D. 

Ms. Platero indicated that this financial effort will be increased during the next financial years, providing more support to the companies through the financial fund already in existence for this purpose. 

Awards to innovation 

Fundación SEPI has announced today the first Awards to Innovation, whose goal is to recognize innovative ideas, initiatives and methods provided by employees, or by groups of employees from companies belonging to the state-owned holding.

The announcement of this Award, which will be held every year, is the result of the commitment shown by SEPI’s Chairwoman to promoting innovation within the whole holding, as shown with the recent establishment, within the managerial structure of this state-owned company, of a new unit for promoting the digital transformation.

The Award will feature two categories: one for technological initiatives, and another for knowledge-based ideas of a different kind. Each of these categories will be endowed with a 3,000 € prize.

Any employee or group of employees who works in Grupo SEPI is entitled to submit a proposal to these Awards. 

Entry into Fundación Cotec

Within this context of a clear commitment with innovation, SEPI will join the Board of Trustees of Fundación Cotec for Innovation in 2018, as a Patrono Benefactor de Número (regular benefactor trustee). With this, SEPI meets one of its commitments for promoting R&D, which is regarded as a key element for consolidating and raising the competitiveness and service offered by the companies which make up Grupo SEPI.