Transparency Law

SEPI meets the requirements of active publicity which are required by Law 10/2013, of December 9th, on transparency, access to public information, and good governance, through the submission of its relevant information to the Transparency Portal of the Central Administration, which is attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, and which is envisaged in the above mentioned Law.

As a public-law entity which is part of the State’s corporate sector, SEPI follows with regard to the transparency’s issue the criterion set by the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service, to which it is attached.

However, in keeping with SEPI’s commitment with transparency and in order to facilitate to citizens their access to public information, this state-owned company wishes to expand the publicity required by Law 10/2013, adding to its own Website the relevant information mentioned in the above Law. 

Below appears the relevant information in question:

Institutional and organizational information

Functions trusted to SEPI

Organizational structure

Functions and curriculum vitae of the Chairwoman

Professional profile of the members of SEPI's Management Team

Norms which apply to SEPI:

    Financial information

    Information about the Annual Accounts

    Contractual information

    Information about collective agreements

    Information about entrustments

    Information about state-aid

    Remuneration of SEPI's Chairwoman

    Budgetary information

    Other relevant information

    Information regarding the prohibition of concurrency of a job in the private sector and in the public sector

    Management bodies in SEPI's companies