Pilar Platero

Letter from the Chairwoman

Since the end of 2016 I have the privilege of chairing this corporate group, and the experience which I might have obtained since then reinforces the criteria which influenced the most on my decision to take up this new professional challenge. Firstly, the value which I have always put on the need of understanding public service as one of the most useful tools at our disposal for defending the public interest, to which we are bound. Secondly, and no less importantly, the duty of carrying out this task with the outmost efficacy, as it is obvious that the management of the public resources demands a continuous attention and assessment – I would say that indispensable – when a decision must be taken, decisions which, as in SEPI’s case, bear directly on the country’s territorial cohesion and on the citizen’s daily life.

From these premises, I deem convenient always stressing the social role which state-owned companies must perform. There are fifteen of them in which we have a majority shareholding participation, in another nine companies we have a minority interest, while in more than a further one hundred companies we exert a more or less direct influence. Through them we guarantee, in some cases Spanish presence in strategically-important industrial sectors, a number of them with an international dimension. In other cases, we contribute to maintaining the level of employment and thus, to generating economic activity in areas which have undergone severe industrial reorganizations in the past. And we must not forget those companies which provide basic public services in the postal, energy, or communications fields.

"Excellence, although a rather hackneyed term, defines rather well the attitude which we seek to stamp on our daily task”

In total, we are talking of a workforce of more than 73,000 workers and of an induced employment which affects 245,000 persons.  This is the scope of our authority on which we are required to work with the outmost rigor, knowing that at these times, the requirement of providing an added value must be paramount, and that this goal will face serious hurdles if we are not capable of developing a Group’s corporate culture.

I sincerely believe that we have gone a long way down this path, and that this experience must be used for facing what appears to be one of the biggest challenges at this moment; the duty of being creative, of shunning useless inertia, and directing a large deal of our skills on being in the same league as the great groups with a high level of technological digitalization. To miss out the boat of digitalization would amount to giving up the hope that our companies might lead the way in industries within which they have already a long record.

"I deem convenient always stressing the social role which state-owned companies must play”

Those who know me well also know the importance which I attach to the need of paying the outmost attention to the changes which Spanish society is undergoing, because I think it essential to face the future from an optimist and excited standpoint, but also with a certain urgency. Excellence, in spite of being a rather hackneyed concept, defines rather well the attitude which I seek to stamp on our daily task, since it is the main safe-conduct which can guarantee success to us.  

Thus, efficacy and commitment are the identification marks which define SEPI’s management, since in the end, they are the most useful ones, and a required referent for our periodic rendition of accounts to citizens.


Pilar Platero Sanz