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EFE reflects in a book the Olympic challenge of 29 sportsmen and women

EFE reflects in a book the Olympic challenge of 29 sportsmen and women

24/05/2016 - Madrid
Press release AGENCIA EFE

'A por más', the book written by journalists from the Spanish state-owned news agency AGENCIA EFE and published by LID which reflects the challenge of 29 sportsmen and women before the Summer Olympic Games was presented today at the offices of the National Sports Council (CSD) in an event which was attended by Ms. Ona Carbonell, Ms. Gemma Mengual, Mr. Joel González, and Ms. Patricia García, among others.

The four sportsmen and women disclosed some of the secrets in their training, as they tell in the chapters of the book, such as the suffering provoked by the cold of the water in the case of the captain of synchronized swimming, Ms. Ona Carbonell, or the daily hyperactivity of Ms. Gemma Mengual, which after a period during which she withdrew from sports, the now mother of two little children has returned to the competition for making a duo with Ms. Carbonell.

'Our wish is that once our exercise ends at Río, our trainers tell us that it has been the best which we have ever made”, said Ms. Carbonell, who declared feeling responsible for the illusion shown by the Spanish aficionados.

Ms. Carbonell accepted with resignation that she has become used to living with her refusal for cold water, in order “not to give up to all the dreams”, and that for she it helps the sentence “the good ones complain, and the best ones adapt” who long ago a trainer told her.

'I combine my dream making the impossible, being almost like a mermaid without having scales. Suffering for enjoying, that is my motto” she added after her mate Ms. Mengual told about her “energy for keeping on” and returning to the competition.

Ms. Mengual defined herself as a “restive” person, and explained that the time during which she stood inactive “she kept doing things and practicing sports”. “I like race walking and facing challenges in order to keep active. When I have stayed inactive I felt well, but sport and synchronized swimming have been very important for me. I had energies left, and so I am here”, she said.

The taekwondo player and gold medal winner in London 2012 Mr. Joel González, who is a criminologist by training, explained that “in a combat the most important thing is to kick at the right moment”, and the member of the Spanish rugby team Ms. Patricia García declared that it was her love for this sport that made her move to New Zealand for playing it.

Institutional representation

The CSD’s President, Mr. Miguel Cardenal, the IOC member Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, Mr. Gabriel Sáez, President of Go-Fit, and Ms. Nuria Coronado, editor of LID, also attended the presentation of the book, whose introduction has been written by Mr. Manel Estiarte and coordinated by the Head for Sports at EFE, Mr. Luis Villarejo.

'The great thing is that Spanish sport is something objective, but in order to enjoy it personally we must have got those data, and on that point Agencia EFE performs a role which has no equivalent and which cannot be replaced. For loving something it is required first to know about it, and with this book the affective link with sportsmen and women is set to grow” pointed out Mr. Cardenal.

He added that Spain 'is a highly regarded country within the world of sports, and that is why each year more than 10 Million persons choose it for practicing a sporting activity”.

'At this time of crisis the number of sports companies has grown, reaching 8.3% in 2015, the number of sports licenses has experienced a 3.4% increase, and 9% more medals have been won at international contests”, he added after mentioning some figures from the Sports Statistics Yearbook.

On behalf of LID editorial Ms. Coronado highlighted that 'A por más' is a book 'which deals about brilliant human beings”, which reflects such sporting values as “overcoming the limits, resilience, and which has managed to tell stories which had never been told before”, besides of showing diversity and that “sport is not just a male preserve”.

The Chief Executive Officer of Go Fit, Mr. Gabriel Sáez, declared that the book’s title “is a mantra which our sportsmen and women repeat for themselves for overcoming their limitations and shows that in their DNA is printed the constant will of improving”, while the Head of Sports at EFE and coordinator of the book, Mr. Luis Villarejo, stated that 'A por más constitutes a metaphor of what happened in Barcelona 92'.

'This book is the summary of four years knowing the daily routine of sportsmen and women who give up all for a dream, and this was the right moment for publishing it”, she concluded.


The Spanish state-owned news agency AGENCIA EFE belongs to Grupo SEPI, a corporate holding which includes a total of 16 state-owned companies in which it has a direct, majority shareholding participation, with a final workforce of about 73,000 professionals in 2014, and to which is attached the state-owned radio-and-television corporation, as well as one public foundation. Besides, it has direct minority shareholding participations in a further 10 companies, and indirect ones in more than 100 companies.

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