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Ms. Bachelet praises the role played by Agencia Efe with occasion of its 50th anniversary in Chile

Ms. Bachelet praises the role played by Agencia Efe with occasion of its 50th anniversary in Chile

05/05/2016 - Madrid
Press release AGENCIA EFE

The President of Chile, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, praised today the role and the “rigorous work” made by the news agency AGENCIA EFE with occasion of the 50th anniversary of its arrival to the Austral country.

'On this day in which you celebrate the half century of existence in Chile, I would like to highlight the rigorous journalistic work which you make every day and which has always regarded Chile from a serious and respectful point of view”, said the head of state in a speech read during the presentation of the photographic exhibition which the news agency, which shows relevant images about the country’s history at the Cultural Center in the Palacio de la Moneda in Santiago.

Ms. Bachelet pointed out EFE’s capability for building bridges and bringing closer together “the Spanish-speaking peoples through information”.

Equally, she stressed the work carried out by the news agency at complex times in the country’s history, such as during the military dictatorship of Gen. Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) or during the natural disasters which have devastated the Austral country in the last decades.

'At times when Nature has made us face hardships as a country, you have been important spokesmen of these events and of the progress experienced by our society”, stated the head of state.

'Even, at complex times along our history, you were also the voice in the world of Chilean sectors without a voice ', she added.

EFE, 50 years telling about Chile

For his part, the Secretary General Minister of the Government, Mr. Marcelo Díaz, who is in charge of chairing the inauguration of the exhibition titled 'EFE, 50 years telling about Chile', stressed the news agency’s importance.

He highlighted the work which it carries out, not only as a medium for explaining to the inhabitants of the Austral country the events which take place at world level, but also as a “door which has made possible that many foreigners and Chileans who had to migrate knew about what happened in Chile”. 'EFE’s contribution during the times without democracy is something which all Chileans acknowledge”, Mr. Díaz stressed, expressing his gratitude on behalf of Chileans for having been able to count on a news agency which held “a permanent commitment'.

The exhibition, which opened its doors on the same week on which took place the commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day, is made up by half a hundred photographs, which bear witness to some of the most significant events in the country’s recent history and which tell about Chile’s identity and about the diversity of its landscapes.

EFE, the main news agency in Spanish

Throughout the half century elapsed since its setup for the first time in Santiago, the news agency AGENCIA EFE, which is currently regarded as the main news agency in Spanish, has been witness and voice of the country’s history and evolution.

The General Manager of AGENCIA EFE for the Southern Cone, Mr. Pedro Damián Diego Pérez, stated that during this half century of presence in Chile and in Latin America, the news agency managed to consolidate itself as a “true informative tool”, capable of helping to organize the Ibero-American community of nations “not only with regard to the news, but also with regard to the language and citizenship”.

'We are the first world and global factory of information in Spanish, and we are the only one which does its utmost to look after the use of the language in the media through our Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu), which works side by side with the Language Academies from our environment', he highlighted.

On behalf of EFE’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. José Antonio Vera, the General Manager announced the setting up of a version for the Southern Cone of its corporate website,, specifically aimed at the more than 70 Million inhabitants of Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The new website represents “EFE’s social dimension” which, with this kind of initiatives “gets close to the citizens in order to connect it to its environment and offer it, freely, an information which is agile, serious, rigorous, and which is committed with its territory', explained Mr. Damián Diego Pérez.

The exhibition’s inauguration, which may be visited until the end of June, was attended also by the Ambassador of Spain to Chile, Mr. Carlos Robles Fraga, and by the Ambassador of the European Union, Mr. Rafael Dochao, as well as by other personalities from the political, financial, and social worlds.

Photo: From left to right, the Spanish Ambassador to Chile, Mr. Carlos Robles Fraga; the Secretary General Minister of the Government, Mr. Marcelo Díaz; the Agencia EFE’s General Manager for the Southern Cone, Mr. Pedro Damián Diego Pérez, and Agencia EFE’s delegate in Chile, Mr. Manuel Fuentes, pose during the inauguration of the photographic exhibition “Efe, 50 years telling about Chile” today, Thursday May 5th, 2016, at the chamber El Túnel of the Cultural Center of the Palacio de La Moneda (CCPLM), in Santiago de Chile (Chile). EFE

EFE and Grupo SEPI

The Spanish state-owned news agency AGENCIA EFE belongs to Grupo SEPI, a corporate holding which includes a total of 16 state-owned companies in which it has direct, majority shareholding participations, with a workforce of around 73,000 professionals in 2014; the Spanish state-owned television and radio corporation, Corporación Radiotelevisión Española, which is attached to SEPI, and one public foundation. Equally, SEPI has direct minority shareholdings in a further ten companies, and indirect shareholdings in more than one hundred companies.

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