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CORREOS celebrates the “World Post Day 2014”
It commemorates the establishment of the Universal Postal Union

CORREOS celebrates the “World Post Day 2014”

09/10/2014 - Madrid
Press release CORREOS

CORREOS joins the celebrations for the World Post Day which takes place today, October 9th, in a day which coincides with the date of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874. Under the slogan “Post companies position themselves in the Communication changing landscape”, the goal of this Day is to raise the awareness about the role played by the postal industry in the day-to-day life of citizens and companies, and its contribution to the countries’ social and economic development.

The world postal network constitutes an enormous advantage for expanding digital connectivity, not only for the benefit of citizens and companies, but also for the governments, development agencies, and other players who seek solutions for the many challenges which our world faces, as highlights the message shared by all operators of the large international postal family.

Nowadays, one half of the world population lives in rural areas, and in developing countries, only 32% of the inhabitants have access to internet. The postal network can bring into their reach physical and digital communication, the distribution of the purchases made through ecommerce, as well as the financial, social and economic services. In this sense, the 646,000 postal offices worldwide are located in places which are accessible to everybody. UPU’s Director-General, Mr. Bishar Abdirahman Hussein, can discern “an important role for postal operators in this new globalized world, as communication keeps evolving”.

Post is a communication mean, as old as it is useful and effective, which joins persons who are far away, and it has been from the start the perfect tool for spreading ideas and promoting commercial relationships. Currently, the postal network is most-extended physical network on the planet, with 5 Million employees who facilitate contacts and exchanges among physical persons and companies, and constitutes a key infrastructure which allows the correct working of large areas of the Economy.

Since 1969, the 191 postal companies which make up the UPU celebrate the “World Post Day” in different ways; in some countries it is commemorated as a celebration of work, many postal operators use the event for presenting or promoting new products and services, while in other places, during this day it is promoted the sending of letters or cards with solidarity messages.

This time, the logotype which has been designed for this Day associates two symbols linked to Post and Communication: the letter and the carrier pigeon. The motif shows a traditional letter which turns itself into a carrier pigeon which starts to fly, and the bird’s digitalized lines and shapes show that the post and postal communication are evolving and modernizing, resorting more and more to electronic means, combining traditional symbols with other which are more advanced, which illustrate the key values of the postal service.

CORREOS in Spain, a case of permanent innovation

Precisely, in our country, CORREOS is working on the identification and setup of new business models which are based both on new physical and digital services, or in the combination of both, which is becoming apparent is one of the trends of future communications; the combination of the physical and virtual fields for taking advantage of the best which offer each of these channels.

To that end technological solutions have been applied to both the offices network and to the distribution networks, with the purchase of of 10,000 smart Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), and the use of digitalized signature appliances which improve the operative and increase the security of card-payment transactions. Furthermore, the Sistema de Notificaciones Telemáticas Seguras allows receiving and answering notifications through any appliance – iOS or Android – in a totally secure and legally valid way. The 2,400 postal offices have been turned into the accessing point to the electronic Administration, through the joining of the Oficina de Registro Virtual de Entidades (ORVE), which facilitates citizens submitting official documentation in a digital way, and from any of the postal offices, to the Administration’s registries.

Besides, CORREOS keeps evolving at the same rhythm as do Society’s communication means. For instance, through its Virtual Postal Office ( it facilitates sending letters, International public facsimile service between public bureaus, and telegrams directly from the computer to the postal postbox, thus combining the virtual and the physical. And it has launched such new services as the e-Card, which allows transferring the photos taken with mobile appliances to totally personalized postal cards which arrive in a physical way to the addressees’ postbox anywhere in the world.

Further, CORREOS has at its disposal the best network for covering ecommerce requirements, thanks to its technology and equipment, its large territorial scope, its postal network, made up by 2,400 offices and with 30,000 postmen, who reach everyday the farthest place in Spain.

Within this innovation field, CORREOS’ challenge is becoming the true referent for all the communications from citizens and companies, transferring the security, closeness and trust values which the postal company presents in the physical world to the digital one; increasing the speed and efficiency of physical deliveries, with a clear technological component, and promoting the multichannel communication with the customers. And all of this while fulfilling its role as the State-designated operator for providing the Universal Postal Service, a fundamental service for Society and the Economy, and which is internationally recognized with the celebration of this “World Post Day”.


CORREOS is part of Grupo SEPI, a corporate holding which includes a total of 16 state-owned companies in which it has a direct, majority shareholding participation, with more than 74,000 professionals in 2013, and to which is attached the state-owned radio-and-television corporation, as well as one public foundation. Besides, it has direct minority shareholding participations in a further 9 companies, and indirect ones in more than 100 companies.

CORREOS is the biggest company in Spain, both in terms of its presence and territorial scope, with around 10,000 points for gaining access to its services. It distributes over 4,000 Million shipments per year, and it reaches daily 28 Million households, companies and institutions. It has a human team made up by about 53,000 professionals who work to provide comprehensive solutions and a wide range of high-quality products adapted to the different customer categories, both in packaging and direct marketing, and in postal services based on the new technologies and financial services.

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