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ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas S.A. (hereinafter ENUSA) is in charge of the nuclear fuel cycle and carries out environmental services. ENUSA is the parent company of Grupo ENUSA, together with ETSA and EMGRISA.
Participation SEPI:60% a 31/12/2016
Year of Incorporation:1972
Chairman:Mr. José Luis González Martínez
Turnover (Million Euros):305 (year 2016)
EBIT (Million Euros):10.2 (year 2016)
Investment (Million Euros):8 (year 2016)
Final workforce:735 workers (year 2016)
Registered office:C/ Santiago Rusiñol, 12, 28040, Madrid
Tel: 00 34 91 347 42 00
Fax: 00 34 91 347 42 15

ENUSA Industrias Avanzadas S.A. (hereinafter ENUSA) is in charge of the nuclear fuel cycle and carries out environmental services. ENUSA is the parent company of Grupo ENUSA, together with ETSA and EMGRISA.


The nuclear business has as the main and traditional activity the first part of the nuclear fuel cycle, which consists in the following:

  • The management of the supply of enriched uranium for Spanish nuclear power stations.
  • The design, manufacture and supply of fuel to both domestic and foreign nuclear power plants.
  • Engineering services for all regarding the management and optimization of fuel use in the reactor.
  • Fuel services in inspection, repair, fresh and spent fuel handling services, acting in a supportive role for nuclear power stations.
  • The transport of nuclear materials and radioactive goods through our affiliated company ETSA.

As part of the nuclear activities we also develop technological capabilities for the second part of the fuel cycle and the sale of inspection services for fresh and spent fuel.

The environmental business is focused on environmental preservation services and energy production. Through the affiliated company EMGRISA it carries out the treatment and management of all types of waste (industrial, urban, agricultural and stockbreeding waste, agri-business waste), polluted soils and water characterization and treatment, environmental engineering and consulting, and radiological studies.

Besides these activities, our Environmental Unit overviews the restoration of former uranium mining facilities at Saelices el Chico and La Haba with the goal of recovering the affected natural areas in order to try to restore it to its original condition, with environmental and radiological conditions as similar as possible to those prevailing before the start of the mining operations.

ENUSA´s activity (You Tube Channel)

Summary of the activity in 2015

In the Nuclear Business:

  • Contracts entered for uranium enrichment services and purchases of uranium concentrates as a guarantee of supply.
  • Signing of the agreement with General Nuclear Fuel for extending the license and of the Joint Venture Agreement with GENUSA until the end of 2017.
  • Supply of inspection equipment for fresh and irradiated fuels on the international market.
  • Factory of fuel items at Juzbado: 328 Tons of enriched uranium produced, 854 fuel items assembled, 616 for pressurized-water reactors (PWR), 238 for boiling-water reactors (BWR) and 62% destined to exports (France, Belgium, and Sweden)
  • 5.1 M€ of investment for equipment and systems update.
  • Expansion and improvements in the Gadolino area for optimizing the work areas and waste treatment, and for incorporating new extraction and air conditioning systems in order to improve the control of emissions.
  • Peroxidation equipment for improving fuel accuracy
  • 6 new R&D projects, an investment effort amounting to around 5M€, and a dedicated team equivalent to 25 researchers per year.

ETSA, Shipments made:

  • 43,000 within the nuclear medicine area, the equivalent of 100,000 packages, and which have resulted in a turnover of more than 5M€.
  • 527 with regard to the nuclear industry (low and medium radioactive waste, and nuclear material destined to Spain and abroad).
  • 1,244 of dangerous merchandise in tanks.

It has taken part in the first Mockup on Physical Safety “Gate to Africa”, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In the Enviromental Business


  • Strong promotion for the internationalization of the company, with activities carried out in Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Mongolia. Setup of the branch in Lima and development of activities with multilateral organizations.
  • A tool for the Spanish Administration and for the state-owned enterprises 7,621 Tons of industrial waste managed.

Other production centers

Biogas plant, Juzbado:

  • 9,827 Tons of farming and stockbreeding waste processed.
  • 1,657,934 kWh of renewable electricity generated.
  • 8,596 Tons of liquids coming from the anaerobic digestion used as liquid fertilizer (Tons per year).
  • 4,141 hours in operation of the cogeneration unit.

Urban Solid Waste facility, Cervera del Maestre:

  • 68,482 Tons of urban waste managed at Zona I of Castellón.
  • 9,183 Tons recovered, of which 3,310 Tons corresponded to the bio-stabilized material for farming uses.
  • Assembly of solar cells for self-consumption at the Transfer Center.

Center of Saelices el Chico:

Work continues on the closure of the former mining facilities and on the dismantling and closing down of the Quercus Plant. Use of tecnosoles, which are customized artificial soils, which have been designed and manufactured with the composition and properties required for each impacted area, with the goal of recovering the natural space affected by the production activities.

Complementary information

Participated companies

  • Industrial shareholdings: E.T.S.A. (100%), CETRAMESA (10%)
  • Financial shareholdings: EURODIF (11,11%), COMINAK (10%).
  • Environmental shareholdings: EMGRISA (99,61%).
  • Fuel Area shareholdings: GENUSA (49%), S.N.G.C. (25%)

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