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The call for the submission of projects which can be financed through the Fund for Dependency Support in 2012 begins

Reference Council of Ministries

  • Interested parties can find all the required information in the following Web address
  • The call for bids for 2011 finished with the authorization of 10 investment projects, for a total amount of 15.5 M€
  • Today begins the term for the submission by companies of the infrastructure and/or services projects for the Sistema para la Autonomía y Atención a la Dependencia (System for the Autonomy and Care of Dependent Persons, or SAAD) which will be entitled to receive financial support from the Fund for Dependency Support authorized by the Government. This Fund has at its disposal a total of 56 M€, of which 16 M€ will be available for the 2012 call for bids.

    The Council of Ministers which took place on July 31st, 2009 resolved to authorize the start of the activity of the Fund For Dependency Support, which had been created by Act 2/2008, on December 23rd, State Budget for the financial year 2009, with the goal of providing financial support to the companies which carry out activities for the promotion and development of the infrastructures and services in favor of the System for the Autonomy and Care of Dependent Persons. The money for this Fund is provided by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality from the State General Budget.

    The management of the Fund is entrusted to the state-owned industrial holding company Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales (SEPI), as a result of the Collaboration Agreement concluded between the Finance Ministry, the Health Ministry and Social Policy, and SEPI itself, which as a result of this agreement became a collaborating entity for the promotion of the Dependency Act. SEPI gave to its affiliated company SEPIDES the management of this Fund. This company has the nature of an instrument and technical service at the disposal of the General Administration and of SEPI, and it is specialized in corporate promotion through the analysis and financing of entrepreneurial projects and the management of similar funds.

    Call for projects 2012

    Interested parties can find all the required information for submitting their projects in the following Web address, which must include the Summary of the Business Plan, the Summary of the Report and the Application Form, as well as the remaining documentation which must be submitted and the supplementary information.

    Those who can benefit from this call for projects are the companies which submit projects for the creation, expansion and/or adaptation of infrastructures and/or services related to the promotion and the set up of the System for the Autonomy and Care of Dependent Persons. Its scope includes the infrastructure and service projects in the residential, daycare facilities, assistance at home, telenursing, accessibility and new technologies applied to the promotion of the personal autonomy and care for dependent persons.

    The financial facilities in this fourth Call for projects are participative loans and long-term loans, with an interest rate to be determined on the basis of the project submitted and according to the rates current in the financial market along time. The criteria for ascertaining the priority given to each project will be, inter alia, the financial and technical feasibility and the financial soundness of the project and its promoters, its impact on overall employment, the set up of collaboration agreements concluded with the Administration and the number of subsidized places, the multiplying effect of the financing to be granted, and the immediacy in the execution of the project in question.

    The Fund shows the Administration commitment with the promotion of productive investments, both public and private, which seek to promote the collaboration between both sectors, reinforce the confidence of the industry’s companies, introduce liquidity within the system and offering the State a role as a promoter of the Economy. To that end, the Fund will provide real financial means to the companies, so that these can carry out their projects for growing and consolidating their positions, in a market which shows a significant growth potential, and contributing in this way to the development of the Dependency Act.

    Winning bidders in the 2011 Call for projects

    In the 2011 Call for projects a total of 10 investment projects were authorized, for a total amount of 15.51 M€ with the following companies:

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