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Gobierno de España - Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública
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MERCASA's goal is that of promoting, building and exploiting, either directly or in collaboration with city-councils, the central markets for foodstuffs, as well as improving at all levels their commercialization cycle.
Participation SEPI:51% a 31/12/2016
Year of Incorporation:1966
Sector:Distribution of foodstuffs
Chairman:David Martínez Fontano
Turnover (Million Euros):21.6 (year 2016)
EBIT (Million Euros):6.1 (year 2016)
Investment (Million Euros):1.2 (year 2016)
Final workforce:177 workers (year 2016)
Registered office:Paseo de la Habana, 180, 28036, Madrid
Tel: 00 34 91 350 0609
Fax: 00 34 91 350 4304

MERCASA's goal is that of promoting, building and exploiting, either directly or in collaboration with city-councils, the central markets for foodstuffs, as well as improving at all levels their commercialization cycle.


  • Public service for the food chain

MERCASA provides a public service to all the food chain, especially in the wholesale level of fresh food, through its Mercas’ Network (Red de Mercas). But it provides it also with regard to the production of perishable food, facilitating the wholesale’s commercialization of products with a designation of origin.

MERCASA supports the retailer commerce in all its different shapes, modernizing the town-council markets and promoting new commercial developments, with a strong commitment with innovation.

MERCASA also facilitates the wholesale commerce of fresh products for the independent or the organized hotel and catering business, and to the companies which are active in social catering.

  • Technical aid, training and international cooperation

MERCASA's public service is committed with food safety, products’ traceability, the markets’ transparency, the good commercial practices, the environmental management, social responsibility and sustainable development.

The company promotes the Mediterranean diet and Spain’s brand in food products.

MERCASA provides technical aid and training, both at the domestic and the international level, with a strong commitment for supporting those countries which engage in the modernization of their distribution structures in the food chain.

The Spanish experience which MERCASA has accumulated is a very valuable international asset, recognized all over the world, which contributes to reinforcing the Spain’s brand and to open business opportunities to other companies, both for developing projects and for commercializing Spanish foodstuffs and drinks abroad.

  • Wholesale markets

MERCASA has promoted and manages together with the respective town councils the Mercas’ Network, which has 23 Foodstuffs Units, big wholesale distribution centers and logistical services, which cover all of Spain. In the Mercas’ Network operate about 3,600 wholesale companies and those which provide ancillary services, which together have a yearly turnover of around 10,000 M€.

In the Mercas’ Network takes place the commercialization at the wholesale level of 50% of the fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood which are consumed in Spain, and about 30% of the meat.

The companies which operate from the Mercas’ Network face a continuous innovation challenge for reinforcing their positions in the wholesale trade of fresh foodstuffs.

  • Retail markets

MERCASA is the domestic and international leader in the modernization and new set up of Retail Markets, a commercial format of combined facilities of fresh food, which is very valued by consumers.

In Spain there are about 1,300 town-council markets, with 80,000 stalls and about 280,000 jobs.

MERCASA collaborates with the town-councils and store owners in the refurbishment of the facilities at the Retail Markets already in existence, or in new developments. MERCASA´s support includes from the design of the actions to be implemented to the whole development of the projects and the training given to the managers and storekeepers. This is an activity which Mercasa carries out both in Spain and in other countries.

  • New commercial formats

The changes in the living, buying and consumption habits, together with the growing competition among the commercial facilities, require innovative answers, especially in the distribution of fresh foodstuffs.

In order to face this challenge, MERCASA is promoting new neighborhood shop formats which combine together the retail offer of all fresh foods.

  • Technical aid, training and promotion

The technical and training services which MERCASA provides to the food chain contribute to the consolidation of advanced commercial structures and formats, both at the wholesale and retail levels, in Spain and – more and more – at the international scene, with projects which can span from the diagnosis and the design of the needs to the implementation of turnkey commercial developments.

The technical aid and training which MERCASA provides spans all the activity links of the food chain, with the support provided to public actions or to private entrepreneurial initiatives.

Equally, it is worthwhile to point out MERCASA’s growing participation in institutional actions for food promotion and the analysis of the consumption and of all kind of activities within the food chain. A work which the company always carries out in collaboration with the Administration in charge of that level, and which reinforces the public service commitment of the company with the food chain.

Complementary information

Participated companies

Participated companies as of 31/12/2016:

Mercalicante (48.52%)

Mercalgeciras (94.90%)

Mercasturias (51%)

Mercabadajoz (98.30%)

Mercabarna (36.79%)

Mercabilbao (39.15%)

Mercacórdoba (48.92%)

Mercagalicia (49%)

Mercagranada (48.71%)

Mercairuña (40%)

Mercajerez (48.72%)

Mercalaspalmas (58.36%)

Mercaleón (36.75%)

Mercamadrid (48.63%)

Mercamálaga (87.22%)

Mercamurcia (48.93%)

Mercapalma (45.19%)

Mercasalamanca (47.92%)

Mercasantander (48.65%)

Mercasevilla (48.39%)

Mercatenerife (40.78%)

Mercavalencia (48.82%)

Mercazaragoza (48.80%)

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