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Social commitment

Social commitment.

Social commitment

The companies which make up Grupo SEPI continue reinforcing their social commitment and involvement with the environment within which they carry out their activities and with certain social groups. Among the actions which they carry out stand out the following:

Integration into the labor market of groups in risk of social exclusion

In 2013 the company CORREOS and Grupo TRAGSA already won awards for their work in this field.

Specifically, CORREOS had in 2015 924 disabled persons in its workforce. Furthermore, the company collaborates both with foundations and with special work and job seeking centers.

The postal company collaborates with the Incorpora program from the Spanish bank La Caixa, whose goal is the integration of disabled persons, or with the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL), among others. As was mentioned before, in 2013 its work won the award Premio Stella from the Fundación Síndrome de Down in Madrid and the award Premio Incorpora from the Fundación La Caixa in Castilla - La Mancha.

For its part, Grupo TRAGSA won the award Premio Incorpora 2013 from Obra Social La Caixa in the category for large enterprises for its work with the integration of persons on risk of social exclusion through environmental activities carried out in protected areas in a number of municipalities in Asturias.

Furthermore, Grupo TRAGSA collaborates with Fundación ONCE through the Programa INSERTA and with special occupational centers for carrying out services or purchasing supplies.

For its part, ENUSA collaborates with institutions engaged in integrating disabled persons into the job market.

HUNOSA is a founding member of Fundación laboral de Minusválidos Santa Bárbara (FUSBA), a foundation for integrating into the job market of disabled persons, and has contracted this foundation for digitalizing its plans and documentation.

Social programs and solidarity projects

CORREOS maintains its collaboration with UNICEF, with which it has collaborated during 43 years, and with the Spanish Red Cross, and takes part in campaigns such as “Donate your mobile phone”, “One toy, one illusion”, Fill up their backpacks with illusion”, and “CORREOS distributes smiles” together with different organizations.

The postal company started in 2013 the corporate program for volunteers “CORREOS solidarity” which has become a complete success, with the participation of 1,000 employees in 2015, in such tasks as food collection, research against cancer, or helping disabled persons.

The Corporate Social Responsibility area of Corporación RTVE consolidated its activity thanks to the creation of a volunteer corporate platform which recorded a 17% increase in the number of volunteers during the last year.

In the case of Grupo TRAGSA, mention must be made to its campaign for food collection in collaboration with FESBAL, the end of integral development project for the indigenous communities of Uros Ccapi (Peru), with the NGO United Hands, and the collaboration with ACNUR in the campaign for supporting Syrian refugees.

MERCASA maintains an intense collaboration with the Food Banks through its affiliated companies Mercaasturias and Mercalaspalmas, among others.

Providing support to Culture

The state-owned news agency Agencia EFE keeps organizing, together with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) the “King of Spain International Journalism Prizes” and the “Don Quixote Journalism Prize” (the latter sponsored by Grupo TRAGSA), and in the National Prizes on Journalistic Diffusion on Sustainability (Mexico).

Also stand out the different initiatives carried out by CORREOS regarding the Arts: “CORREOS with the Art”, which organized around 50 exhibitions at postal offices all over Spain, and “Postal Art (Mail Art)”, which was closed in 2015.

The postal company also develops an important social awareness raising activity through the issue of the postal series “Civic Values”.

For its part, ENUSA collaborates with a number of cultural projects in the Salamanca region, where are located all its production facilities. Thus, in 2015 the company collaborated with the Fundación General de la Universidad de Salamanca, with the Association of Friends of the Queen Sofía Museum, the Foundation Ciudad Rodrigo 2006, and with the Electra Association for promoting theater at the universities.

Corporación RTVE maintains cultural sponsorships regarding 34 programs in different fields.

Finally, mention must be made to HUNOSA's participation as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fundación Príncipe de Asturias.

Scholarships programs

Grupo SEPI, through its Foundation, was a pioneer in Spain in the promotion and management of scholarships programs for vocational training for young university graduates.

Thanks to the work carried out by the Fundación SEPI, in 2015 854 scholarship holders entered the labor market, of which 140 took part in the Program for Being Started into the Corporate World, and 714 through agreements concluded with companies or institutions, and specifically with CESA, Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros, CORREOS, Deloitte, Airbus, Fundación Carolina, ICO, Red Eléctrica de España, SEPI and Telefónica.

Grupo SEPI itself took in 477 graduates who had just finished their tertiary studies through a number of scholarships programs aimed at supporting young people’s access to the labor market.


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