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Gobierno de España - Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública
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SEPI’s Board of Directors approved the accounts for the financial year 2010 on May 2011. The consolidated results of the SEPI Group in the financial year 2010 amounted to EUR 35.9 million, against the loss of EUR 105.9 million recorded in 2009. This difference resulted from both the improvement in the results of the parent company and the better results recorded by the companies which consolidate through the application of the equity method.


Within the framework of its commitment with the promotion of the Spanish language, Agencia EFE printed and distributed in 2011 the ’Urgent Style Handbook’. Equally, it started the pilot projects for an Integrated Edition in the Sports, Culture, Society and Technology fields. As it did in previous years, it sponsored the International Awards Rey de España and Don Quijote.


Compañía Española de Tabaco en Rama, S.A. (CETARSA) bought in 2011 a total of 26,051 Tons of tobacco (which came from the 2010 harvest), 5% more than in the previous harvest. Another significant event has been the signing of the new collective agreement, which will be in force until December 31st, 2014.


COFIVACASA continued with the actions required for the orderly liquidation of the companies of the SEPI Group which are without any business activity. In compliance with the Resolution adopted by the Council of Ministers on April 30th, 2010 regarding the restructuring of the State-Owned Entrepreneurial Sector, it has liquidated 4 companies.


During 2011, DEFEX continued carrying out its business activity aimed at exporting defense and security equipment to the Middle East, Far East, Africa and Latin America markets; this resulted in an order book increase which, at year-end surpassed 200 M€, winning important orders in Brazil, Cameroon and Egypt. Grupo As part of the new workload won by ENSA in 2011, mention must be made to the order for manufacturing the racks (structures for the fuel pools) for the nuclear power station in Shin&Ulchin, located in South Korea. Coming from other Asian country, China, it won an order for the manufacture of 2 steam generators for the 2nd unit of the nuclear power station of Sanmen; and also for China, ENSA, in a consortium with other Spanish company, Técnicas Reunidas, will supply the H016 heat exchangers, for the nuclear power station in Taishan. Thus, ENSA is consolidating its position in the Asian market as supplier of capital goods for the nuclear power industry.


As for the work carried out, ENSA finished the manufacture of 2 DPT-type containers, which serve a dual purpose: storage and transport, and which were ordered by ENRESA for the nuclear power station in Trillo. In the international market, ENSA has supplied a number of components for the nuclear power stations of Flammaville, in France, Bottom Peach, in the US, and for the Swedish nuclear power station of Forsmark.

As part of its goal of diversifying its activity, ENSA has become a member of the grouping SEA OF INNOVATION CLUSTER CANTABRIA, also called the Sea Power Cluster, with the aim of collaborating in the development of innovative projects within the scope of sea power. As part of the R&D plan for Renewable Energies in Cantabria and within the strategic framework of the wind power plan fostered by the Cantabrian regional government, ENSA won SODERCAN’s approval for 2 of the projects which it had submitted in collaboration with other Cantabrian companies, and which are intended for offshore facilities.


ENUSA submitted to the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (Nuclear Safety Board, CSN in Spanish) the stress test report for the Juzbado nuclear fuel items factory, thus meeting the task which the CSN itself imposed on all the Spanish nuclear power facilities in keeping with the guidelines imposed by the European Commission on the EU Member states, as a result of the accident in which happened in Fukushima Daiichi (Japan). The report made by ENUSA points out that the facilities comply with the highest safety measures, and that they would withstand an hypothetical earthquake, potential floods and other natural events, such as heavy snowfalls or torrential rains.


Within the framework of the strategic positioning of the Grupo HUNOSA in R&D, basically within the environment of the Energy and the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, it has began supplying geothermal energy for the air-conditioning system for the buildings at the campus of the Universidad de Oviedo, in Mieres (Asturias), and it is in an advanced stage in its work for supplying geothermic energy to the new hospital Álvarez-Buylla in Mieres.

It has built and started to operate in La Pereda (Mieres), the 1.7 MW pilot plant for the research project for CO2 sequestration in post-combustion based on mineral carbonation-calcination; in this project also take part the state-owned research institute CSIC-INCAR and the private-sector utility Endesa. During 2011, as part of its activity for promoting its business diversification, it carried out the reforestation of 88 new hectares on land owned by HUNOSA and which is no longer used. Thus, a total of 148 hectares have been reforested so far, with a total of 150,000 new trees in the coal mining fields.

Other significant event has been the hiring by HUNOSA of 264 workers which had been made redundant by other mining companies and by subcontractors, in keeping with the development of the Company Plan for 2006/2012, concluded with the mining trade unions.


MERCASA released Mercachef (, a new e-commerce platform at the disposal of the wholesalers who are members of the Mercas network, which thus can expand their activity and reach new customers, especially in the hotel and catering businesses. As every year, it also released the Report on Food Production, Industry, Distribution and Consumption in Spain for the year 2011, prepared and published by MERCASA.

It is worthwhile to mention also the conclusion of a Collaboration Agreement between the city council of Zaragoza, MERCASA and MERCAZARAGOZA for the set up of commercial facilities in the new neighborhoods of Aragón’s capital. Equally, it has included the joint procurement of services and purchases for all the Mercas Network (2nd contract for electricity supply and the 1st for insurance).


Within the shipbuilding activity carried out by NAVANTIA, mention must be made to the signing of new orders with the Australian Navy for the building of 12 LCM-1E type landing craft LCM-1E and for the building of the 5 blocks for the second Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD), as well as for the supply of the internal communication systems for the 3 AWD which are being built for the Australian Navy. With the aim of facilitating its activity in Australia, NAVANTIA has incorporated the affiliated company NAVANTIA AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD, with its headquarters in Melbourne.

The Company has met its commitments with the supply of the last of the 4 maritime action ships (BAMs) ordered by the Spanish Navy, and of the ’Yekuana’ oceanic surveillance patrol boat (POV), the third of the fourth POVs ordered by Venezuela. NAVANTIA also launched, 2 months in advance on the stipulated date, the first Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) for the Royal Australian Navy, and the fourth BAM for the Spanish Navy.

In 2011 NAVANTIA succeeded in increasing its ship repair activity, thanks to the orders won from the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue service for 2 of its ships, with the cruise shipping company Royal Caribbean International, and with other companies, among which is the company Bergessen Worldwide, for its LNG ship Lokoja, thus consolidating NAVANTIA’s leading position in the liquefied natural gas transport ships industry.

NAVANTIA has also taken steps for diversifying its activity. Within the field of renewable energies it signed a collaboration agreement with Acciona Energía for jointly promoting those technological projects which contribute the development of offshore wind power energy in Spain.


In February, SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial (SEPIDES) awarded the Fondo de Apoyo para la Promoción y Desarrollo de Infraestructuras y Servicios del Sistema de Autonomía y Atención a la Dependencia [Fund for the promotion and development of infrastructures and services for disabled persons] in its 2010 call, with the authorization of loans for 11 companies for a total amount of 23.3 M€. The loans are earmarked for the set up, the extension or adaptation of centers of services which provide care for disabled older people.

After the Resolution of the Council of Ministers on April 30th, 2010 about the reorganization of the State-Owned corporate sector, SEPI has carried out the take over of INFOINVEST (the company which was taken over) by SEPIDES (the company which performed the take over). Thus, SEPIDES adds to its corporate goals the task of promoting the economic recovery of former industrial areas which have been subjected to industrial reorganizations, as well as advising SEPI and its companies about the management of their real-estate assets.

In 2011, SEPI promoted the reactivation of land located on the former IZAR engine factory in Valencia, with the start of the Elcano 2.0 Master Plan, an urban project promoted by SEPI and its affiliated company SEPIDES, with the collaboration of the regional government of Valencia, the Generalitat Valenciana, and of the city councils of Quart de Poblet and Manises; this project will take place on a land surface of 17,000 square meters. Its goal is to provide new opportunities for job and wealth generation in an area which will include housing, work and leisure under innovation and sustainability criteria.


Grupo TRAGSA has reinforced its Emergencies management activity within the framework of its Strategic Plan for 2010’2013 with a new Solutions Catalogue, which promotes the Group’s capacity for facing all kind of critical scenarios. Related to this activity it has opened a new collaboration line with Penitentiary Work and Training for Employment, which allows it to purchase equipment made by the inmates, such as polar fleeces and blankets for emergency actions.

As part of this line, Grupo TRAGSA leads the European project SATFOR (Development of advanced technological solutions for improving the prevention, efficiency and safety in extinguishing forest fires). The program has a budget of almost 1 M€, provided by the Territorial Cooperation Program for Southeastern Europe INTERREG IVB SUDOE, of the European Union.

During the year, Grupo TRAGSA signed two collaboration agreements and different agreements with the Military Unit for Emergencies, by which the Company becomes a party to the National Emergencies Network (RENEM); with Telefónica, for promoting the use of ICT in the rural environment; with AENA, for defining its activities as an instrumental tool and as a provider of technical services and with the Spanish Red Cross, for optimizing the use of its human resources and equipment in public risk situations.


In 2011, Hipódromo de La Zarzuela organized 40 horse racing meetings, with a total of 233 races, in which 2,741,000 Euros were distributed in prizes among the horses’ owners which won the five first places in each race. The program has reaffirmed Madrid’s horse racetracks commitment with the promotion of the breeding of English thoroughbreds in Spain -in 2011 there were 1,015 runners in the Spanish horse racetracks, 30 more than the year before- an industry which generates many new jobs.

During 2011, the work carried out in ZH’s facilities recorded significant progress; special mention must be made to the opening of the central grandstand’ the only one of the three existing ones whose opening was still pending ’ and other areas of the monumental facility, such as the carriages room’which is located between the central grandstand and the goal grandstand ’ and the basement of the North grandstand. Next Spring all the grandstands will be operating at their normal capacity.


On May 15th, 2011 MAYASA discontinued its main activity, the marketing of metal mercury, after the entry into force of Regulation (EC) 1102/2008 of the European Parliament and the Council, which prohibits the export of this product and which introduces the requirement of storing the surplus mercury in safe facilities or deposits , to which MAYASA offers different technological solutions. Also in relation with mercury, it has continued its collaboration with the start of the operations and development of the National Technological Center for Mercury Decontamination.

MAYASA has continued with the farm and stockbreeding activity in its 9,000 hectares estate of Dehesa de Castilseras, together with other activities which maximize its value. It has also continued with the activities for realizing its commitment to build a business park in Eras de Barbudillo.


In 2011 it continued collaborating with the Ministry for Agriculture, specifically in a new line for providing support to the owners of stockbreeding businesses, with the aim of facilitating them access to finance for their production activities, on the basis of a SAECA's guarantee.


In 2011 Fundación SEPI gave 520 grants for training for young graduates without work experience. Equally, it continued its sponsorship of the journal on economic research, SERIE’s, as well as the so-called Survey on Corporate Strategies, besides managing as the owner a students residence, which promotes academic excellence and an education based on Human values.

Fundación Laboral SEPI signed an agreement with the State Secretariat for Gender Equality aimed at fostering the abilities of working women within the state-owned industrial sector, as well as women’s promotion to managerial posts

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