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Gobierno de España - Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública
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IZAR's reorganization plan. In 2007 took place the sale of IZAR's assets, which in this way met the requirements of the proceedings for the recovery of the state-aids for the amount of 1,200 Million Euros, which had been granted in 1999 and 2000 and which were declared incompatible with Community law by the European Commission, which provoked, on April 2005, the winding-up of the shipbuilding company IZAR.

Consolidation of NAVANTIA as an international referent. Two years after the spin-off of IZARs' shipyards for military shipbuilding, within the framework of the measures for the recovery of the state-owned shipyards, the NAVANTIA company has achieved the goals which had been set by SEPI and the Government itself, successfully facing the reorganization, with a high level of activity and workload at all its facilities, and succeeding in consolidating itself as an international referent. An example of the above can be found in the fact that it won and executed two contracts with the Australian Government for the design and engineering of three destroyers, and the building of two amphibious ships for that country's Navy, the largest export deal in the history of shipbuilding in Spain.

The new Corporación RTVE starts operating. At the start of 2007, the Corporación RTVE and its affiliated companies, TVE and RNE, began their normal activities, and in this way, to manage and provide the state-owned radio and television service, in keeping with Act 17/2006, after the application of the Rationalization and Feasibility Plan for the Spanish radio and television, which was approved by l SEPI, RTVE and the trade unions represented at the company. The Council of Ministers which met on March 9th, 2007 authorized SEPI to purchase 302 Million shares in Corporación RTVE, S.A., owned by Ente Público RTVE, in liquidation. Since then, SEPI has began to acquire the above mentioned shares.

SEPI takes over the State's representation at ENAGAS. SEPI acquired in 2007 5% of the capital of ENAGAS, fulfilling the Agreement of the Council of Ministers on July 20th, 2007, which authorized the above shares purchase deal due to the general interest of the activities which the lawmaker grants to this gas company.

SEPI fosters the economic promotion. Through INFOINVEST, SEPI has strongly promoted during 2007 its activity in favor of fostering new industrial companies in Spain, and in this way, promoting the economic and social development of certain areas, with actions which it carries out in seven regions, on a total surface of 23 Million square meters, on which a total of 29 business parks are being developed.

On October 23rd, 2007 took place the inauguration of Parc Sagunt I, a large business park located at Sagunto (Valencia) which constitutes the first phase of Parc Sagunt, the largest land offer for new projects in Spain, on a total of 9.5 Million square meters, which the regional Government of the Comunidad Valenciana and SEPI, through SEPIVA and INFOINVEST respectively, have promoted. Also the commercialization of the business parks of Catoira and Mondoñedo began: these are among the 20 business parks, located at La Coruña, Pontevedra and Lugo provinces which SEPI and the regional Government of Galicia are developing on a total land surface of 5 Million square meters, for the economic recovery of the areas which suffered the crude oil spillage of the tanker Prestige. On February 28th of the same year, SEPI, the Basque regional Government, the provincial Government of Vizcaya and the city council of Sestao executed a framework agreement for developing the industrial park of Ibarzaharra.

Mention must also be made to the successful conclusion of the works for building the Mining theme park at Almadén, Ciudad Real; a project which was inaugurated at the start of 2008 and which hass allowed to rehabilitate MAYASA's mining and metallurgical heritage, turning it into a cultural and tourist center, which will become an active element for the area's promotion.

Privatizations. SEPI sold its 2.95% shareholding in ENDESA, which amounted to 31.2 Million shares, which were the result of the green-shoe of the 1998 Public Offering which was not executed by the Global Coordinating institutions. For that purpose, SEPI's Board of Directors agreed on September 28th, 2007 to participate in the Public Offering submitted by Acciona and Enel on the Spanish electricity company. Besides, also took place the sale of IONMED Esterilización, S.A., an ENUSA affiliated company, to the French company IONISOS S.A.S., with the goal of guaranteeing the maintenance and future expansion of the activities of the company located at Tarancón (Cuenca).

Anniversaries of the incorporation of some companies of the Group. In March 2007, HUNOSA celebrated 40 years in existence, under the slogan 'a new future', which the Asturian coal mining company orients towards its stability and its commitment with the economic and social promotion of the mining areas of that region. In 2007 also the company Empresa de Transformación Agraria, S.A. (TRAGSA) celebrated 30 years since its incorporation. This company is at the disposal of the Administration, and contributes to farming promotion, to managing the fishing and aquiculture resources, to the technological improvement of water use, and to the preservation of the natural environment, besides being authorized as a state-owned company for emergencies. Equally, also ENUSA celebrated its 35th anniversary, a company which through its supply services to nuclear power stations has contributed to guaranteeing the electricity supply in Spain, and which today also stands out for its environmental activity.

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